The Peak 15 Approach

What is Peak 15?

Until 1856, Mount Everest was known simply as Peak 15. It was then named Mount Everest after Sir George Everest, British Surveyor General of India. We are Peak 15 because we are passionate about leaders and teams reaching their full potential and making breakthroughs. With our coaching and support, your Peak 15 goals become achievable.

From the first time you contact Peak 15, you will be assured of complete confidentiality and a standard of professionalism and delivery that comes from working at a senior level in some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world.

We are happy to invest our time in meeting and getting to know you. If you want to discuss a specific need, we will explore with you how we might be able to help. 99% of our coaching is carried out face to face, wherever you are in the UK. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent about our fees, and work with you to create a coaching programme that meets your objectives within a specific time and budget.

Whether you are a team or an individual, we create the coaching programme that is right for you. We help you identify your goals, reflect on where you or your team have got to and develop a strategy which will achieve the breakthrough goals that you and your organisation need.

Climbers about to attempt Mount Everest need to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared. We work in a flexible and bespoke way to help you to plan thoroughly, so that you arrive at your own Base Camp fully ready and equipped. We will also help you to define the key milestones along the way – your own Camp 1 to Camp 7.

To reach the summit of Everest, it is often necessary to sit out a storm, or even come down a Camp to regroup, re-energise and re-plan. We believe that achieving business and personal goals is exactly the same, and we will encourage you in the tougher moments too, helping you to find alternative routes or to develop the resilience to cope with setbacks.

Once the goals have been achieved, we will help you to consolidate the success and to apply the learning to future initiatives.

Why work with us?

Choosing the right coach for your business, organisation or career can be a challenge in itself. At Peak 15, we have years of proven experience as coaches, which will enable you to reach your personal or organisational goals. We believe that the Peak 15 edge in working with you is based on the following three imperatives;

1. Achieving Peak Performance will set your business apart

We strive to create coaching programmes that result in transformational development of individuals and teams, with results that sustain over time.

2. A Pioneering approach can achieve transformational results

We have a pioneering approach to developing bespoke solutions for each of our assignments, sparked by a passion for continuous learning and pragmatic solutions. We are intellectually inquisitive and apply the latest ideas and research into the way we work.

3. Partners create lasting results

We work as a partner to understand your organisation, strategy, culture and people. We will involve you in the design and development of our initiatives. Our mindset is to be agile and responsive to our clients’ evolving needs and we always try to go the extra mile.

The best way to decide whether Peak 15 can help you is by getting in touch for an initial confidential discussion with one of our experienced coaches.

How we work

Effective coaching has transformational effects on the performance of individuals and teams, and our approach maximises the opportunity for this to happen:

  • We always take time to understand the business objectives and the organisational values and dynamics. We involve our clients as partners in the design and development of any initiative.
  • We agree clear objectives up front and work with our clients to put in place measures to track the impact of the development, in the short and medium term.
  • We set the bar high and support the leaders and teams we work with to make transformational change that lasts.
  • Our approach to coaching is an integrated one, combining management theory and positive psychology with a wide range of coaching techniques and approaches. When relevant, we apply insights from our own time as senior leaders.
  • We tailor our approach for each leader and team we work with – there is no one set process that we follow. This way every client gets the benefit of some new thinking.
  • All our coaches are committed to personal development, and all receive regular coaching supervision. That keeps us match fit and up to date with the latest ideas and thinking in leadership and business.

Contact Peak 15 and discuss your requirements with one of our highly qualified coaches.