Working with Leaders

Leaders play a critical role in driving winning performance, and top performing leaders give their organisations a real competitive edge.

These leaders think innovatively, build strong relationships, motivate those around them and are able to lead teams through change. They also have an eye on the future, developing innovative strategies and developing the next generation of leaders.

Leaders need to perform in increasingly challenging times:

  • There is growing pressure for the delivery of results
  • Resources and costs are under intense scrutiny
  • Competition is increasing, bringing with it the need for continuous innovation
  • There is a need to embrace new ways of working and technologies

How can we help?

Coaching can be transformational in improving individual and organisational performance. Many research studies have demonstrated that it can deliver:

  • Heightened self-awareness and greater EQ
  • Improved personal performance
  • Higher job satisfaction and greater commitment to the organisation
  • Significantly better working relationships
  • Improved teamwork
  • More effective conflict resolution
  • Stronger client relationships

At Peak 15, we have a successful track record of working with many leaders - in business, the public sector, education and sport. Through the combination of our senior business experience and coaching skills, we are able to build trust and rapport quickly. We help leaders to simplify and focus on the most important opportunities and challenges and then develop solutions that will work. We then help the leader to practise and embed these new ways of working, which can lead to exciting breakthroughs in both personal effectiveness and business performance.

We empower leaders through a combination of support and challenge, while providing them with the latest thinking, leadership insights, ideas, tools and exercises. To find out more about how we work with individuals, contact us for a completely confidential discussion about your specific requirements

Our Recent Work

We have recently helped leaders to transform their performance through:

  • Improving leadership and influencing skills
  • Hitting the ground running in a new company
  • Building emotional intelligence 
  • Dealing with challenging relationships
  • Increasing confidence and self-belief 
  • Making a fast start in a new role
  • Motivating their teams
  • Leading teams through significant change
  • Stepping up to a new board position

We are very happy to provide testimonials and demonstrate how we operate and support individuals to develop. Our approach delivers results and a significant proportion of our work is based on recommendation and repeat business.

If you would like to find out more about how Peak 15 can help you, call us and speak to one of our coaches