Working with Teams

High Performing Teams are of enormous value to organisations and deliver exceptional results.

High Performing Teams communicate more effectively, take better decisions and are more creative and resilient than other teams. The synergistic impact of individual team members working effectively together is enormously powerful.

Organisations with High Performing Teams have higher productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention. Working in a High Performing Team is exciting, energising and fulfilling for all involved.

However, truly High Performing Teams are rare and team development represents a huge opportunity. To find out more about how we work with teams, contact us now for a completely confidential discussion about your unique requirements

Six Winning Characteristics of High Performing Teams

Through our own research, we have identified six winning characteristics that differentiate High Performing Teams:

  1. A Compelling Purpose
  2. Clear Goals and Roles
  3. Strong Capability and Expertise
  4. Consistent Values and Behaviours
  5. Effective Processes
  6. Proactive Approach to Change

We help teams to assess how they are performing against each of these six characteristics. The team can then identify areas of strength to build on and areas to develop. We help the team to identify powerful collective goals that enable them to step up to the next level of performance.

We would then support the team in their development through:

  • Highlighting the team interactions and dynamics
  • Providing feedback and challenge as necessary
  • Coaching the leaders and the team
  • Holding the team to account

Examples of our recent work with teams

Some recent examples of our work with teams are:

  • Turning around the performance of a struggling team
  • Helping an already successful team move to an even higher level of performance
  • Improving working relationships in a team under pressure
  • Working with a Board to develop leadership capability throughout an organisation
  • Supporting teams through major change
  • Building coaching skills in a Leadership Team

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